CoroCoro Reveals – ORAS


I’m going to try and keep this brief as I don’t want to ramble on for too long. So let’s jump right in with the Delta Episode which was revealed via CoroCoro and the official Pokemon site (including an English trailer). The Delta Episode in short involves you riding into outer space on Mega Rayquaza to battle Deoxys and save the world. Something about a meteor on course to Earth, also key stones being stolen (the item in the bracelet/bangle/etc) and a 3000 year old story. Great, we get to fly into outer space on Mega Rayquaza, what will they think of next!? I suppose it’s different but feel like they could’ve just tied a story in with Birth Island and made that accessible via flying around on Latios or Latias, much like the islands in the ORAS demo. Whatever, believe it or not I don’t care so much about the whole flying into space thing. It’s the character that get’s introduced. Continue reading


Possible Mega Evolution Theory [TL;DR]


Okay so I made a post about this on my personal Facebook about a possible pattern in Mega Evolution reveals, and it all started with a post on a site called The Monster Atlas. The post in question is THIS ONE. In the post they talk about how they noticed something and had to review the previous reveals to confirm something. Prior to the reveal of Mega Salamence, Mega Lopunny and Mega Altaria were three other reveals involving Mega Evolutions, but that isn’t the important part. The important part is what happens after they show the Pokemon Mega Evolving. As per every Mega Evolution reveal, they also show off a move in battle against another Pokemon. More specifically, they were shown battling against other Pokemon that could also Mega Evolve. I personally back tracked and checked this out myself. Going in order of reveals from first to last in regards to AlphaSapphire and OmegaRuby (Links Provided);

Mega Sceptile vs Mega Swampert (LINK)
Mega Blaziken vs Mega Sceptile (LINK)
Mega Swampert vs Mega Blaziken (LINK)
Mega Sableye vs Mega Sceptile (LINK)
Mega Diancie vs Sceptile (LINK)
Mega Metagross vs Swampert (LINK)
Mega Altaria vs Shiftry (LINK)
Mega Salamence vs Torkoal (LINK)
Mega Lopunny vs Sableye (LINK)

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