Mega Evolutions Pt. 1 [tl;dr]


Okay with the recent reveals of both Mega Sableye and Mega Metagross, I feel a need to revist something I’ve said before during commentary on recent let’s plays I’ve done on my channel. Before we do, take a look at this image.

This image by itself shows roughly 23 of the Mega Evolutions we already have or know about. This was one of the “fake” leaks pre-Pokemon X & Y, yet a good number of them have been given a Mega Evolution, or have recently been announced to receive one upon the release of Pokemon AlphaSapphire & OmegaRuby. So, does this mean this image is more accurate than people once believed? Probably not. It could be sheer coincidence I suppose, but as time moves on, slowly some of the Pokemon from this “fake” have been confirmed to receive a Mega Evolution. More recently being Sceptile, Swampert, Sableye and Metagross.

So, looking at this and going hypothetically, there are some other Pokemon that make sense. Let’s cover the easiest to explain first; Gallade. Anyone that has ever played Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald should know the answer to this question; What was the FIRST Pokemon Wally catches on his journey? The answer? Ralts. Ralts once a Kirlia has a branched evolution. At level 30 Kirlia evolves into Gardevoir, however if you have a Kirlia♂ you can use a Dawn Stone and make Kirlia evolve into… Gallade. There be a connection here. Gardevoir right out of the gate received a Mega Evolution, and happened to be the champions ace Pokemon. Might I add that your rival (Calem/Serena) happened to have two copies of the Absolite, one of which was given to you. So, it IS possible that Wally come post-game will magically have access to two Galladite.

Next easy thing to explain would be any of the remaining starter Pokemon. It’s scary to think about it this way, but bare with me. In HeartGold & SoulSilver, Steven Stone made an appearance after you beat Red at Mt. Silver. What was he doing in the Johto region? Well in HeartGold & SoulSilver he gives the player one of three Pokemon, Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip. Call this wishful thinking, but what if the reverse were to happen in AlphaSapphire & OmegaRuby, and that you got one of the three Johto starters? Then it’d be possible to get their Mega Evolutions. One of the two Johto starters is in high demand for it’s hidden ability, Feraligatr. And everyone is hopeful for a bad ass looking Mega Typhlosion. As for Sinnoh starters, they’ve never been given to the player by any NPC in-game, making them seem a bit more unlikely for AlphaSapphire & OmegaRuby. I’d also like to mention that out of the Sinnoh starters, the only one that needs a Mega Evolution would have to be Infernape. Fire/Fighting is, believe it or not a rather good thing to have now. Fairy-type moves are resisted by Fire-types, and Fairy-type moves are super effective against Fighting-types. Having that Fire/Fighting typing allows it to better stand up against opposing fairies. Empoleon and Torterra already have a decent amount of bulk. When it comes to Sinnoh starters, they’re more desirable with their hidden abilities for the most part, the only benefit they would seriously get from a Mega Evolution is stat increases. This leaves the Unova starters; Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. I think everyone is in agreement that they want Contrary Serperior and Reckless Emboar. Samurott previously got Shell Armor as it’s hidden ability which isn’t a very good ability, and is in fact worse than Torrent. Perhaps a new hidden ability is in order? When it comes to unreleased hidden abilities, the only regions lacking hidden ability starters are Johto and Unova. These regions’ starters, in my opinion benefit the most from receiving Mega Evolutions. Of course, not all of them will get Mega Evolutions, but when it comes to the more likely of the three remaining sets of starters, I put my money on either Johto or Unova. Would also like to point out one more thing, despite it not really meaning anything for shit. On the above image, Johto and Unova are the only ones with legendary Pokemon as supposed Mega Evolutions (minus Mewtwo since he already has his Mega Evolution).

So who is the next more likely candidate in the Mega Evolution line up? There are actually two because they share the same exact typing. They both happen to be in the OU tier over on Smogon as well. Figured it out yet? If not, I’m talking about Dragonite and Salamence. Out of these two, my money goes to Salamence however I’ve seen some excellent fan art for Mega Dragonite. Neither of these Pokemon REALLY need Mega Evolutions, however Salamence was a Hoenn favorite, and Dragonite still sees significant play in the competitive scene. The thing is, they’re not as likely as possible second set of starters, or Gallade despite Salamence being a Hoenn native and being a very popular choice for a Mega Evolution. As I said before, neither of these two really NEED the Mega Evolution. Why? Stat-wise, these two do not really need any further boost to their stats. Normally Mega Evolutions get at least a boost of +50 in a single stat, with some minimal increases and a single decrease here and there. Imagine 184 Attack or 130 Speed Dragonite, or a 185 Attack or 150 Speed Salamence, both bolstering potentially more threatening abilities than they already have. Not to mention it’s quite popular to use a Mega Evolution who has Intimidate as it’s original ability. Sending out a Pokemon with Intimidate, you reduce your opponents Attack stage by one, then you’re free to Mega Evolve and not only get your stat boosts but a new ability that may be more useful than Intimidate for the remainder of the game. Out of the two, Salamence is the only one with access to Intimidate. So you can see how it is now a little less likely. And Dragonite most likely would not enjoy having a new ability due to Multiscale making it as difficult as it is to take down.

The thing is, everything that I’ve mentioned here are the solid and more likely candidates to receive Mega Evolutions, at least from the above image. There are a bunch of rather random, obscure or possibly even unwanted Pokemon on that list. Personally, I wouldn’t want a Mega Bouffalant… but that’s just me. I know I’ve said more than a mouthful, but this isn’t the only image out there. Not to mention Mega Latios & Mega Latias existing without them appearing on any “fake” lists that have been released (as far as I know). I actually do have another image to cover. But I’ll save it for another time. Leave a comment letting me know if you believe anything else here can or will get a Mega Evolution, as well as your thoughts on a bunch of the Pokemon on said “list” have been proven so far to have Mega Evolutions. Do you think it’s sheer coincidence or could it be accurate?


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