Before we get into this, check out the trailer.

You done watching it? Cause if not it’s spoilers time, as if this post’s featured image wasn’t a dead giveaway. Lucina (Fire Emblem Awakening), Robin (Fire Emblem: Awakening), and Captain Falcon (F-Zero) join the battle! If you watched my episode of my Let’s Play today I already talked a bit about this but I’m going to bring it up again. I CALLED Lucina. How? See the image below;

For anyone unfamiliar with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Lucina is the character between Link and Luigi with the mask on. Spoiler Alert for anyone who wishes to play Fire Emblem: Awakening, has not yet and doesn’t want anything to be spoiled. Just saying. Lucina came back in time from a horrible future in order to save the future. Of course going back, altering the past and¬†etcetera can cause complications, especially if people find out who you are or you run into people you’re related to, things of that sort. So as to attempt to prevent this she disguised herself as Marth (whom is an already confirmed character in Smash Bros 3DS/WiiU). This image was released during Nintendo’s E3 stream, and at the time they had discussed how the Amiibo’s were mainly for Smash Bros for the time being. 3DS support is supposed to happen at some point, but not yet. I ask you, how is a Lucina Amiibo supposed to interact with a game that isn’t compatible? I suppose the 3DS eShop could update with a download to update it’s software, but why go out of the way for a game from last year? Amount of sales and popularity aside of course. Ironically at the time, Pac-Man had not been announced, yet at the end of his trailer, Mr. Game & Watch made an appearance. Coincidence? I hardly think so.

Now, recently I looked into the rumored leaks for Smash Bros 3DS/WiiU characters and found that a reputable leaker backed the fact that Chrom was supposed to be a character in this Smash Bros as well. At the end of the trailer, instead of Chrom just staying down and out, he gets up and starts fighting. He could be an assist, but from what I gather any given series can have around a max of 5 or 6 characters. The Mario series has 6 characters; Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser and Yoshi. It’s still possible for Chrom to be a character, maxing out Fire Emblem at 5 characters with Ike, Lucina, Robin, Marth and Chrom would round it out at 5. Anyway, regardless of this no 100% confirmation on Chrom. Seeing as how he’s a part of the game however, makes me happy. If you want the links to some of the “leaks” that I’ve found, click THIS LINK and THIS LINK. One of which mentioning Chrom and a recent favorite, Shulk.

Continuing the Fire Emblem: Awakening reveals, Robin was confirmed. And with their reveal, came with it the fact that you can play as either the male or female Robin. Again, for anyone unfamiliar with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Robin, male or female, is the main character. He/She is your character, capable of using both magic tomes and swords. Robin is very likely going to be a broken character, and I say this because of at least one of the tomes he carries, Nosferatu. Nosferatu is a tome that not only inflicts damage but heals the user equal to half the damage dealt. I’d also like to add that a lot of the Thunder tomes in Fire Emblem: Awakening have a higher Crit ratio, making them rather powerful tomes to use. They’ve either made the attempt to, or have managed to balance Robin’s tome use by giving each tome a limited amount of use before they disappear (much like in the actual game). Personally I can’t wait to see how legit Robin is. But not more so than Lucina, of course.

Last revealed character we don’t need to talk TOO much about. Captain Falcon returns… okay who is actually surprised by this? I mean, I’m still expecting Jigglypuff to return okay? Captain Falcon has been in every Super Smash Bros game to date, why the hell would they suddenly leave him out? It’d have been a tad bit sad if they left the Captain out. I personally could care less for Jigglypuff and would much rather see Mewtwo return instead. But when it comes to another Pokemon character I could honestly care less. Charizard and Greninja are cool enough, not to mention Lucario. There’s not much else to really say about Captain Falcon though, he’s back hopefully to no one’s surprise.


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