JUL. 14th – Sept. 30th Forbidden & Limited List



The Jul. 14th – Sept. 30th format begins today!

Forbidden Limited Semi-Limited Unlimited
None Goyo Guardian Magician of Faith Dimensional Prison
Geargiagear Formula Synchron Mirror Force
Reinforcement of the Army

So I wanna do a quick review of the changes on the list and give my own personal opinions. Starting off with the forbidden cards. So about that forbidden cards? In all honesty, I feel like one or even two things deserved to be “forbidden”. I can’t quite place my finger on those cards, but I’m sure Konami had several cards they could have hit here. Soul Charge was one of the several cards that could have been hit. It’s still at three, and Infernity decks lost nothing. They’re just as strong as they were in the prior format. This goes for every other deck that plays it for that matter. If you can think of cards you wanted to see go, feel free to voice your opinions. Do I think Soul Charge should have been forbidden? No. But it is a card people can see Konami targeting, and thus it was used as a mere example.

Limited cards, ah yes. We finally got back one of the best generic level six Synchro Monster; Goyo Guardian. It’s arguably the best generic level six Synchro Monster in the game, due to it’s big 2800 ATK and it’s effect to bring anything it destroys in battle back to it’s owners field in Defense Position. Stealing the opponent’s monsters for next to free is always a nice thing to have, and before it was unbanned, the best generic level six Synchro Monster in terms of ATK is Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth and no one really liked playing it due to it having 200 less ATK and no effect made it even less desireable. Honestly? Goyo Guardian is a card warmly welcomed back into the game. It should never be at anything more than one per deck, however at this point in the game it really doesn’t need to be forbidden. The second card hitting the limited list is Geargiagear. Geargiagear was a card that resulted in instant Gear Gigant X which allowed access into quick Geargiaccelerator and Geargiarsenal. Playing three copies of Geargiagear made it easy enough for Geargia players to make an Xyz play and net cards they needed or wanted. At three, Geargiagear was in my opinion, bad for the game. Yes it’s slower, but it’s essentially an Emergency Teleport on crack for Geargia.

Semi-Limited cards, oh joy. Let’s try to make this one a bit quicker shall we? Magician of Faith is a bad card. It’s way too slow and the relevant cards it can get back are minimal. Mystical Space Typhoon? Dark Hole? Thinking globally of course. I mean, would you really use Magician of Faith in Fire Fists? I didn’t think so. The deck currently best suited for Magician of Faith, is Spellbooks. End of discussion. Next up, Formula Synchron! What are Quasar decks doing right now? How about Junk Doppel? Essentially nothing, aside from those three-card Quasar decks, and even then they’re not consistent enough to do anything in the meta, or at least not enough to top and/or win Nationals… it can go to two for now, possibly three later on even (this applies to Magician of Faith as well). Last card Semi-Limited is Reinforcement of the Army. SURE, why the fuck not. I mean it’s not like Shaddolls are doing anything in the OCG right now, playing multiple copies of Armageddon Knight. Not to mention if we ever get that OCG Elemental HERO Structure Deck…. on top of that the TCG still has three copies of Elemental HERO Bubbleman, unlike the OCG where it’s at two. Let’s not forget that Constellars and Evilswarms exist. Why are they relevant? Well if you don’t know then you’ve never played against either deck. Constellars have Constellar Pollux and Evilswarms have Evilswarm Castor. Both of which are Warrior-Type monsters that help them easily summon Constellar Omega/Constellar Pleiades in Constellars or Evilswarm Ophion in Evilswarms. Why? Who? Who thought Reinforcement of the Army at two was a brilliant idea? The upside to this? Cool lesser decks like Battlin’ Boxers might have just enough of a boost to finally do something, at least at a regional level.

Unlimited cards; Mirror Force & Dimensional Prison. Both of these cards simply put no longer need to be on the Forbidden & Limited lists. Mirror Force is an absolutely terrible card right now due to the showing of Fire Hand and Ice Hand. Mirror Force on an attacking Fire Hand or Ice Hand triggers their effects, taking out another of your cards and summoning another Hand, resulting in you losing more cards rather than gaining any form of advantage. Dimensional Prison is an excellent card right now as it takes care of both Hands, as well as other major threats. It was also widely popular for being able to take care of Stardust Dragon in the past as well. At three, it’s a useful card and is nothing more or less. I welcome both of these cards back at three.


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