CoroCoro Reveals – ORAS


I’m going to try and keep this brief as I don’t want to ramble on for too long. So let’s jump right in with the Delta Episode which was revealed via CoroCoro and the official Pokemon site (including an English trailer). The Delta Episode in short involves you riding into outer space on Mega Rayquaza to battle Deoxys and save the world. Something about a meteor on course to Earth, also key stones being stolen (the item in the bracelet/bangle/etc) and a 3000 year old story. Great, we get to fly into outer space on Mega Rayquaza, what will they think of next!? I suppose it’s different but feel like they could’ve just tied a story in with Birth Island and made that accessible via flying around on Latios or Latias, much like the islands in the ORAS demo. Whatever, believe it or not I don’t care so much about the whole flying into space thing. It’s the character that get’s introduced.


Say hello to Zinnia, a new character to be introduced into ORAS. It’s funny, I can’t help but think something similar has happened before. Oh wait, there was the Looker Bureau in Pokemon X & Y that introduced a character named Emma. Like Emma, Zinnia has a traveling companion who doesn’t seem to have it’s own Pokeball, much like Mimi, the Espurr that follows Emma around. Unlike Emma however, Zinnia appears to be a much more serious character. Why? Well much like Emma you battle her, and Zinnia you battle apparently twice. First time around she has a Tyrantrum, Altaria and Salamence. Second time around she has a Noivern, Goodra, Tyrantrum, Altaria and Salamence. The kicker is the second time you battle her, her Salamence carries the Salamencite. That escalated quickly. Personally, I like Zinnia’s design, and the fact that shes there throughout your adventure from what I’ve seen through screen shots (I don’t know if shes only involved with the Delta Episode or more), and when I think about it I fear that she’ll turn out like Cynthia. Doing nothing more than offering up a couple lines of text here and there, a battle or two and that’s it. Am I the only one hoping she contributes more than past characters? One can’t help but wonder if she’s the one who provides you the Salamencite too. I could probably continue going on about this, but I won’t.


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